Winter Camp 2013

bengal_tigerThe Agenda is set for the Tiger Winter Camp 2013.  The following guest coaches will be in attendance:  Tony Brooks, Alex Houser, Winrech Bosman, Wally Dyke, and Tim Enos.  This coach list has over 30 years of collective select side play.  The Tiger Coaches will be there to support logistics.

Camp is Saturday, January 12 and will begin at 9:00 AM sharp.  We’ll be at Memorial Field on U of M campus.  Be there at 8:30 to get taped up.  Dress warmly in layers.  There will be lots of standing around learning.  Bring court shoes in case weather is poor.  This camp will mostly be outside, but we will go in for lunch and may have a session in the building if it is poor outside, so be prepared.

We will cover all aspects of play including offense, defense, kicking, set pieces, rucks, mauls and much more.   Most of the day will involve learning.  We will not get real physical until 4:00 when we will have a scrimmage.  It will be a controlled scrimmage with stoppages every 15 minutes for the coaches to talk to the players.  Brad Cole will be there to manage the scrimmage.  Here is the agenda for the day.  Winter 2013 Tiger Camp

Any new players who wish to join the team, now is your chance.  If you wish to join the team, contact me.  The camp is open to any full time student at the University of Memphis who wishes to play rugby.

This camp is critical to our success this fall.  It is a mandatory camp and all Tigers are expected to be there.