Western Kentucky/Storm Old Boys Weekend Logistics

This weekend we are hosting two tough matches at home.  First, the Western Kentucky University (WKU) match will kick-off at 1:30.  The second match will be Storm Old Boys kicking off at 3:00.

Referee:  John Sullivan

Trainer:  Christian Dingledein

Team physicians:  Dr. Dale and Dr. Carol Smith

Field Location:  Memorial Field at 451 Zach Curlin Street  Memphis, TN

Social:  Ubee’s at 4:30 – Burgers, fries and drinks free to players  – 521 south Highland   Memphis, TN

Side for WKU: 1. Dylan Carter 2. Ian Curry 3. Brandon Worley 4. Jonathan Bauer 5. Will Fitts 6. Josiah Shipley 7. Adam Hairston 8. Kian Koleini (Captain)  9. Jonathan Brewi 10. Phil Elliott (Co-Captain) 11. Tesman Mosley 12. J.C. Russell 13. Anthony Smith 14. Thomas Strickland 15. Scott Smith 16. Stephen Smith 17. Tyler Mann 18. Segen Maris 19. Jay MacDonnchadh 20. Nolan Wilson 21. John Elmore

Side for Storm: 1. Eric Ofinowicz 2. Jamie Perry 3. Stephen Smith 4. Tyler Mann 5. Ryan Phillips 6. August Myers 7. Chris Cobb (Co-Captain) 8. Kazra Koleini 9. Tre Copeland 10. Justin Hale (Captain) 11. Nolan Wilson 12. Jay Mac Donnchadh 13. Justin Cole 14. Freddy Hodge 15. John Elmore 16. Daniel Exley 17. Chris Lemmons 18. Segen Maris 19. Scott Smith 20. Thomas Strickland 21. Tezman Mosley

Note* Everyone gets to play. Players selected as starters and backups should prepare to play as backups but will probably only enter the match if needed.

We need players there early to prepare the field.  If you can help, be there at 11:00am.

If you can drive Kingsbury players to the match, call Brandon or J.C.

All players should be at the pitch dressed and taped by 12:30.  Wear black shorts, grey T-shirt for warm-up.  First match players will wear the blue and white jerseys and the second match players will wear the blue jerseys.

Second match players gather at the west end zone for warm-up after half-time of the first match.

Get your heads right for this match.