We Need Your Help!

Kroger just gave the Memphis Tiger Rugby Team $332.89.  They gave us money each quarter for free because some of you have connected your Kroger Plus card to the Tigers… and when you do… we get some money.  There is no loss for you and only gain for the Tigers.

So, please do the Tigers a big favor.  Connect your Kroger card to the Tigers today and begin funding the Tigers with no cost to you. 

The instructions are easy to follow here. 

Now that you have done that?  Get everyone on you know to do the same thing.  Help us expand this gift as much as possible. 

Thanks for your help! 

Tiger Rugby Gear is available at our online store at Tytan Rugby https://tytanrugby.com/collections/memphis-rugby

You can financially support the Tigers by donating at this link. We need your help and any dollars you give move the Tigers toward a win. Thanks for anything you can do.