Time to Renew Your Kroger Card With Tiger Rugby

Kroger Plus Card

Kroger Plus Card

If you have your Kroger Card enrolled with Tiger Rugby, it is time to renew your enrollment.  Your Kroger Card enrollment ended December 31 and you must re-enroll it for us to obtain the benefit.

The dollars we get from Kroger are free, basically, since they cost you nothing.  You just have to let Kroger know that you want a portion of your money to go to Tiger Rugby.

So, Please don’t delay. Go to your www.Kroger.com and link your Kroger Card today.  Times-a-wastin!

Here is how you do it.

1. Go to www.Kroger.com

2. Sign in with your email and password

3. Click on the button “Community” on the light grey toolbar with blue letters just under the login button.

4. Click on Community rewards

5. Scroll to the bottom and Click “Enroll Now”

6. type in our number 81307, or type “Memphis Rugby Foundation”

7. Click on Memphis Rugby Foundation and

8. Click enroll,

You are done.

A small portion of your purchases will be given to support the Tigers.  Last year that small portion totalled over $1000.

Please help the Tigers by getting your friends and family to sign up for this important benefit for the club.

Thanks so much for your help with this important fund-raiser.