Tigers vs. Memphis Blues Logistics

Memphis Blues

Memphis Blues

The Memphis Tigers take on the Memphis Blues this Saturday, January 24 in a friendly tune up match at Memorial Field on the campus of University of Memphis.

This will be the first match for the Tigers as they begin their spring season.

Here are the match logistics:

Pitch:  Memorial Field

Kickoff 1:00pm

Referee:  Eric Flemming


Prop: Matt Hill, Justice Houston

Hooker: August Myers

Second Row: Dra Gaines, Brandon White, William Gibson

Flanker:  Hector Marquez, Aaron Miles, James Putnam

#8: Hayden Snyder, Wallace Kwasu

Halfback:  John Elmore, Bennett Brown, Kyle Baker, Connor Reece

Center: Cameron Walton, Sam Toliver, Eric Abernathy

Wing: Bert Milam, Tezman Mosley, Ronnie Roberson, Dominique Smith

Fullback: Thomas Strickland, Quinn Person


Atttendance is free.  Please bring a lawn chair and sit on the track to enjoy the match.

Memorial field is located at 451 Zach Curlin Street at the University of Memphis.

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