Tigers V Tiger Old Boys

The first annual match between the Tigers and the Tiger Old Boys will be played on Saturday September 8, 2012.

The starting side for the Tigers will be:  1. Dylan Carter  2. Ian Curry  3. Aimeer McCrary  4. Chris Cobb  5. Jonathan Bauer  6.  Adam Hairston  7. Joshua Campbell  8. Kian Koleini  9. Justin Hale  10. Phil Elliott  11. Thomas Strickland  12.  Brandon Worley  13.  JC Russell 14.  Anthony Smith  15.  Scott Smith.

All players registered with USA Rugby and with dues paid, or arrangements to pay, will play.

Match will be at 1:00 pm.

Referee:  Dr. Brad Cole

Grounds committee be there at 10:00am working on the field.

All players be there by 11:30.  Taped and ready by 12:00 for warm-ups.

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