Tigers Travel to SIRC 7s

Tiger 7s Team

Tiger 7s Team

Captain Chris Lemons led his Tigers to Savannah, Georgia to participate in the South Independent Rugby Conference 7s tournament on February 7.  The Tigers took 8 brave soldiers into battle who fought the good fight.

Friday was travel day and it took 11 hours to get to Savannah.  Saturday they won their first match when Florida International University forfeited to them.  Then our lads went into battle.

Though the Tigers did not win their matches, they learned a lot about rugby, 7s and each other.  These were the faithful of our club and we owe then a great debt of gratitude.   We also owe a debt of gratitude to Coaches Steve Swatzyna and Tony Lubiani, who worked hard to switch the players from 15s mode to 7s mode, then took care of them over the weekend.  Also, great thanks to Coach Carey Stevens who drove the boys and helped with trip logistics.

Tigers at the Beach

Tigers at the Beach

After the tournament, the boys went out to the beach at Savannah and played at the edge of the Atlantic.  Of course, ladies were at the beach and they were clearly enamored by our ruggers.

So, thanks to the brave Tigers for playing hard.  Now back to 15s.  (We have Miss State this Saturday at home.)

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