Tigers Sign Ethan Scott

Tigers Sign Ethan Scott

Ethan Scott signed a letter of intent to play with the Tigers this fall as a freshman addition to the team.  Ethan is from a rugby playing family and has 8 years of experience to bring to the Tigers.

Ethan and parents

Ethan with parents

Ethan is 5’ 11” and weighs 150 pounds. He spent most of his years at halfback (9 or 10) but this year stepped up to cover center (13) for the Spartans.   He used his halfback skills while standing  13 to place players in a gap to make great line breaks.

“We’ve had our eye on Ethan for the past few years”, stated Memphis Coach, Steve Swatzyna.  “He is a solid player with a good head for the game. He reads the opposition well and makes good decisions with ball in hand.”

Ethan was honored as a Memphis High School Rugby All-star.  He played in First Annual High School Rugby All-star game ever to be held in Memphis. He was also honored this year as the “Best Teammate” by his fellow Spartans.

Robert , Ethan and Quintin with Coaches Swatzyna and Cole

Ethan joins the Tiger program with two Spartan teammates, Robert Phillips and Quintin Griffin. These new players from the White Station Spartan program and will be a great asset to Tiger Rugby.  The Spartans have a long tradition of excellent rugby and this year was no exception.  They again traveled to the state championships this year as a representative of West Tennessee High School.

Ethan plans to study Business Economics while at Memphis.  We are thrilled to have Ethan join the Tigers this year.