Tigers Select Side for MTSU 7s Tourney

The University of Memphis Tigers will be competing at the MTSU 7s tournament  (Battle of Stones River)  this weekend and take on Arkansas State in its first match.  They will also see Alabama and MTSU through the day.

The MTSU Tournament is one of the largest and most impressive 7s gatherings in the south with 60 high school and college games played throughout the day.

The touring side selected for this match includes the following:  Kian Koleini, Phil Elliott, Scott Smith, Anthony Smith,  Justin Hale, Ian Curry, Tyler Mann, August Myers, Aimeer McCrary, Tezman Mosley and Jonathan Brewi.  Coach Swatzyna, Memphis Backs and 7s coach will travel to manage the affairs of the day.

This tournament serves as a player qualifier, along with the Elvis tournament, for our South Independent Rugby Conference (SIRC) 7s tournament that will be held in Tallahassee, Florida in two weeks.

We wish our boys well.