Tigers Elect New Officers

Captain Chris Lemons

Chris Lemons – Captain

President Thomas Strickland

Thomas Strickland – President

Secretart Bert Milam

Bert Milam – Secretary

Treasurer Cameron Walton

Cameron Walton – Treasurer

The Tigers elected new leadership at their recent season kickoff party at Ubee’s.

Chris Lemons was retained as captain of the side. Thomas Strickland assumed the responsibilities of president. Bert Milam has moved from treasurer to secretary. Cameron Walton has taken the responsibilities as treasurer.

The captain and officers constitute the selection committee and decide who will start each match and set the depth charge for substitutions.  The coaches are advisory in this process.

More than any other sport, rugby requires strong leadership on the field. Coaches cannot help very much with the play during the match since there are no timeouts in rugby.  The captain must make solid decisions during the match with regard to tactics and playing style.  He must know that his 14 fellow players will heed his direction and that they will adjust as needed.

The coaches are thrilled with the selection of leaders this year. “I think we have some excellent talent at the top”, stated Coach Cole.  “These leaders should significantly strengthen our team.”

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