Tigers Earn Hardware at Mooseman

March 19, 2022 – Murfreesboro, TN – The MTSU Rugby Team annually host the Mooseman 7s tournament, bringing teams from the north that the Tigers do not usually have an opportunity to compete against.  This year was no exception.  Northern teams came to the balmy south to escape the snow.

The Tigers went to the Mooseman 7s on the heels of their UAB first place and were feeling optimistic, despite knowing that several of their best players were not able to play due to injuries.   

Things started off great for the Tigers, besting Principi, 19-17.  They then romped over South Indy, 43-0.  St. Louis and the Tigers played to a draw, 12-12. Then the Tigers clobbered Vandy, 45-0.

The day was cold, windy, and cloudy.  The Tigers huddled in the vans to keep warm between matches. 

On to the finals, with the Tigers facing Xavier.  The valiant Tigers were out of gas by the last match.  Coach Beck said that they were physically and emotionally drained.  Xavier won the match and the tournament 26-0, but the Tigers fought to the very end, duly earning the second-place trophy.   

Captain Josh Scott, unable to play due to being in the injured reserve, stated that it was terrible watching his mates play and he could not help.  “I’ve gotta get well so I can get back in the game,” said Scott. 

The Tigers get a weekend off then off to Auburn for a conference tune up.  GTG! 

Captain Scott really wanted to take 1st place.

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