Tigers Best Blues “B”

Millington TN.  Saturday 17, 2012

Following a thorough thrashing of Huntsville, the Blues “A” team yielded the field to allow the Tigers a much needed scrimmage against the Blues “B” team.  The University of Memphis Tigers, hungry for competition following the cancellation of two matches, and fresh back from spring break, had a great run in the sun.

Joshua Campbell started things off with a quick score in the NW corner at the three minute mark following a powerful maul. The forwards had practiced for weeks quickly moving the ball to the back of the maul and this strategy was solid and productive.  The Blues kick off short to begin play and the Tigers attack with Josiah Shipley getting loose and breaking three tackles for a score at 7 minutes.  The conversions are wide due to the tough angle and the wind. Score 10-0

After the restart the Tigers worked their way to the goal line where the Blues were caught offsides.  At the penalty, with excellent execution, Aimeer McCrary dished off to Dylan Carter who dove over for another 5.  At 15 minutes the score is 15-0

Phil Elliott had difficulty with kicks so he decided to run one in and at the 25th minute he darted through the defense with some nice footwork and dashed to the line.  At 38 minutes in the first half, Aimeer decided to power over and took 5 points for himself.  Phil had difficulty kicking set kicks and decided to send up a drop goal as the referee called full time.  Halftime…. Tigers 28-0.

The second half called for more of the same but the play seemed to become sloppy for some reason.  There was disorganized play and a missed tackles by both sides.  It appeared that concentration was becoming difficult.  Jonathan Brewi decided to straighten things out and dipped and darted through the defense to slot points for himself.  33-0

The blues becoming more organized mounted an offense and finally put 5 points on the board in the southwest corner.  Willie wanted in the game and on a nice breakaway he timed the attack just right and took his 5 points.  The blues scored twice more.  Once on a defensive mistake and once on a pushover try.  38-17

There were lots of fun runs to watch.  (Aimeer screaming down the south touch line to name one.)  But, none was more enjoyable than seeing Kian Koleini, captain of the match, catching the ball from a kick at his 40, running to the Blues 5 with legs and arms pumping, no one could figure out how to tackle him.  All the tacklers could see were elbows and knees.  He was dragged to the ground 12 inches from the try line. Dang!  But… it was great to watch.

Justin Hale took a turn at fly half and in his own half decided it was time to boot one high.  The kick cleared 35 meters and Justin covered the kick with Scott Smith on his left shoulder.  Justin caught the ball on the bounce, froze the fullback and dished off over his left shoulder to Scott at full speed.  Scotty, with a full head of steam is impossible to catch.  He dotted the tryline between the posts.  Justin Walden was called for the conversion and took two points for himself.

So many players had hit the try line in this match that everyone wanted in on the deal.  Hale once more used the foot to advance the ball and once in the clearing gathered the ball and hoofed it around the corner.  Walden took two more on the conversion and the referee had seen enough.  Final score 52-17.

The team retired to Newbies where Kian Koleini was selected Man of the Match by the opposition.  Kian and Phil as captains selected Jonathan Brewi as best back and Aimeer McCrary and most valuable forward.

Players 1. Dylan Carter 2. Josiah Shipley 3. Aimeer McCrary 4. Jonathan Bauer 5. Will Fitts 6. Josh Campbell 7.  Chris Cobb 8. Kian Koleini (Captain) 9. Justin Hale 10. Jonathan Brewi 11. Anthony Smith 12. Tarek Ghwaji 13. Justin Walden 14. Willie Lacey 15. Scott Smith 16. Thomas DiFillippo 17. Lee Downing 18. Adam Hairston 19. Ryan Phillips 20. Phil Elliott (Co-Captain) 21. Jay MacDonnchadh 22. Jamie Perry

Referee:  Brad Cole