Tiger Summer Practice Starts!

Tiger Summer Practice Starts!

The Memphis Tiger Rugby team starts its summer series of practices on Tuesday, June 20th from 5-7pm.  Practice will be held at the campus of University of Memphis at Memorial Field (451 Zach Curlin Road) and will be led by Coach Steve Swatzyna.

Practice sessions will focus on the basics of ball handling while emphasizing fitness and good form in all aspects of play.  The training will prepare the Tigers for 7s play, since the Tigers start their conference play with two 7s tournaments in September.

All Tigers planning to play for the Tigers in the fall should be in attendance.  Those who miss practice should contact Coach Swatzyna with details.  You can also text or email questions to Coach Swatzyna.

Prepared players will be early for practice, kitted for tackling, running and have mouth gear for protection by 5:00pm.

The Tigers will be playing in the Elvis Tournament in early August so we only have a few weeks to prepare.