Tiger Rugby 100 Membership Grows

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Tiger Rugby

One imporant funding mechanism for the Tigers is our Tiger Rugby 100 Club. The objective is to have at least 100 Tiger Old Boys, Tiger parents and Tiger supporters give $100 to the Tigers annually.  When in full swing this will fund half of our budget for the year and will remove significant stress from the players.

With the economy in the dumps, the lads are struggling to pay costs associated with playing.  Each year we turn away excelent athletes who cannot afford the dues to play.

We play in the South Independent Rugby Conference and must travel long distances to play our conference matches. Players currently pay $500 per year to play for the team.

The $20,000 annual budget funds conference dues, travel, kit and game expenses.  We have a few corporate sponsors like Cole Pain Therapy Group and Ubee’s restaurant. We also get much appreciated funding for special projects like scholarships and kit from the Blues Rugby Club.  However, the $500 annual dues are just too high for many of our lads.

As the Tiger Rugby 100 list grows, the funds will be used to remove the financial pressure from the players.  Eventually, we hope to even cover some costs for the players, like the USA Rugby membership, a requirment for all persons playing.

We’d like to thank the new members of the Tiger Rugby 100 Club who joined this fall.  They include:  Lee Downing, Tony Salera, John Hawkins, David Gunn, Jerry Razer, Gordon Brooks Razer and Steve Williams.

The Tiger Rugby 100 club is 25 members strong.  This means that at least $2500 has been paid to the club this year from this support. “It’s been very difficult to get companies to support the Tigers with large donations,” said Coach Cole.  “We borrowed the idea from the Highland Hundred Club, believing it might be easier to get lots of folks to give a little than a few folks to give a lot.”

We invite all who can to join with us in support of the Tigers.  Just click on the Tiger Rugby 100 page on TigerRugby.org and go to the page where you can give as little as $25 at a time.  Each person who gives $100 will get a letter from the coach and a Tiger Rugby lapel pin as thanks for being in the club.

Thanks for your support of the Tigers.