Tiger Camp a Big Success!

The Fall 2016 Tiger Camp was a huge success with 34 Tigers in attendance, training and learning how to win big for next season.  The camp was divided in to three distinct sections:

  1. Personal skills – passing, tackling, rucking
  2. Specialty skills – propping, lifting, kicking, attacking lines
  3. Team skills – team plays and kick-off routines

The day culminated with the Blue-grey game which highlighted the strengths and weakness of individual players.

DSC_0357The team has a few friendlies (Miss State and the Overton Tournament) to sort out the positions and players before we enter conference play in mid October.  The coaches and team leadership will be working on a depth chart to show players where they are relative to the starting 15.

We are very excited about the 2016-2017 competition year and wish to thank all of our supporters.  Those of you who have not aligned your Kroger card with the Tigers, please do so today.  We get free money for each purchase of food.

We also thank those who provide financial support of the Tigers.  You can contribute to the Annual Fund or Join the Tiger Rugby 100 Booster Club.  Every dollar contributed goes directly into support for the program.  We use the money to buy equipment, pay referees, and pay for travel to the games.  Thanks to every one of you who help us!!



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