Tiger 7s Teams Kick off Season with Birmingham 7s

February 10, 2024 Birmingham, AL – Memphis A&B played in the Birmingham 7s tournament with mixed results.  Coach Phil Beck commented, “the lads are shaking of their 15’s style of play. Each match they get better, but it has taken a little time to transition.  I’m confident that we’ll be right by Conference 7s.

Coach Beck further mentioned, “With the loss of Conner who graduated last year, we are looking for someone to control the offense.  Several players are contenders.  We’ll see how things shake out.” 

Here’s how the lads performed.

Birmingham 7s

A 43-0 over Ole Miss
A lost to Bama 17-24
A beat Auburn 22-10
A lost to Bama 33-0 in Final
2nd place in 1st Division

B won 45-0 over UAH
B won 22-10 over Auburn B
B won 34-10 over Troy
1st place in 2nd Division 

Next up, the Dixie 7s at Alabama. 

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