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Tiger Rugby Roars: A Season of Triumphs, Challenges, and Community Support

Introduction: Memphis is abuzz with the excitement of Tiger Rugby as the team embraces an undefeated season and secures a coveted spot in the final four. The Daily Memphian and Channel 3 have been covering the remarkable journey of the Tigers, shedding light on their achievements, coaching prowess, and the unwavering support from the community.

The Coaches: Coach Dave Hill, the mastermind behind the team’s success, recently commended the invaluable contributions of Coach Phil Beck, Coach Bryan Colbridge and Coach Tony Brooks. Beck’s offensive strategies have ignited the team’s scoring prowess, while Colbridge has played a pivotal role in fortifying the forwards and tightening the defense. Brooks, a forward’s forward, brought the tight 5 together, stabilizing our set pieces. Together, these coaches have molded the players into high-performing student-athletes, showcasing the depth of talent and expertise within the Tiger Rugby coaching staff.

Coaches Brooks, Beck, Hill and Colbridge

Player Leadership: Acknowledging the leadership of the seniors, Coach Hill emphasized the significant impact they’ve had in shaping this year’s competitive team. With nine seniors on the starting roster, their experience and skills have proven to be a game-changer for the Tigers, contributing to their impressive record.

Financial Challenges: Despite the Tigers’ aspirations to move up from Division 2 to Division 1aa, financial constraints pose a substantial hurdle. Coach Hill revealed that the current annual budget of $35,000 falls short, with an additional $20,000 in travel expenses anticipated if they make the leap. The university provides $1,000, players contribute $550 annually, and the remaining funds come from supporters and alumni. The Tiger Rugby Nation, as Coach Hill fondly refers to them, plays a crucial role in sustaining the program through their financial backing.

Captain Serhab Bagha with the Southeastern Collegiate Rugby Conference Championship Trophy

Community Support: Coach Hill expressed gratitude for the overwhelming support from fans, families, and alumni. Despite an average annual gift of under $100, the collective effort of numerous individuals has allowed the program to flourish. The media coverage and fan outreach, spearheaded by Coach Steve Williams, has significantly raised awareness of Tiger Rugby in the community.

Call to Action: To continue supporting Tiger Rugby’s growth and aspirations, fans and supporters are encouraged to contribute to the Go Fund Me campaign or make donations through the Tiger Rugby Foundation official Donation page. The funds can be directed to specific causes such as the scholarship fund, general fund, or endowment fund. Every contribution, regardless of size, plays a vital role in ensuring the team’s continued success.

At press time, we have raised the funds necessary for the Final 4 run. We still would appreciate your support of our program and additional funds will be used to build our Endowment fund, Scholarship Fund and would seed us for the Spring 2024 7s season.

Conclusion: Tiger Rugby’s journey is a testament to the power of community support, dedicated coaching, and the passion of its players. As the team navigates the challenges ahead, the rallying cry is clear: together, we can propel Tiger Rugby to new heights.

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