SCRC Championships: Memphis Rugby Triumphs Again

By Coach Phil Beck

April 6, 024 – Knoxville, TN – The SCRC Championships saw Memphis Rugby once again assert its dominance, clinching the title for the third consecutive year. Let’s dive into the thrilling matches that showcased Memphis’s skill and resilience.

Memphis vs. Mississippi State

Originally slated to face Mississippi State, Memphis found themselves up against a Tennessee B team due to Mississippi State’s withdrawal. Despite the change, Memphis swiftly took control. Christian kicked off with a try, followed by two more from Joaquin and Caleb, with Darius converting one. Halftime arrived with Memphis comfortably leading 19-0. Although Tennessee managed to sneak in a try, Memphis responded with two more from Caleb and one from Ace, securing a convincing 36-5 victory.

Memphis vs. Ole Miss

Facing a determined Ole Miss team, Memphis encountered a tougher challenge. Both sides traded tries in the first half, leveling the score at 5-5. Ole Miss surged ahead, leading 10-5, but Memphis rallied, equalizing the score at 10-10. With Memphis’s superior fitness shining through, Caleb sealed the win with his third try, ending the match 15-10 in Memphis’s favor.

SCRC D2 7s Champions 2024

Memphis vs. Tennessee Tech

The final showdown against Tennessee Tech proved to be a grueling battle. Tennessee Tech’s formidable players dominated the first half, leading 10-7. However, Memphis fought back, with Christian’s crucial try and Caleb’s conversion giving them a narrow lead. In the second half, Memphis regained their momentum, showcasing their trademark ball movement. Caleb’s hat trick of tries, along with two conversions, solidified Memphis’s victory at 26-10.

With only three teams in the D2 category and Tennessee Tech defeating Ole Miss, the Memphis vs. Tennessee Tech clash became the de facto Division 2 title match. Memphis emerged triumphant, securing their third consecutive SCRC Sevens Championships title.

Memphis Rugby’s stellar performance reaffirmed their status as a force to be reckoned with in collegiate rugby, marking yet another chapter of success in their illustrious history.

Now… we are off to Nationals. Stay tuned.

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