Rob Halcomb Joins Tiger Rugby 100

Rob Halcomb pinned by Connie Griffin

Rob Halcomb pinned by Connie Griffin

Rob Halcomb lends his support to the Tigers by contributing $100 to the Tigers following his referring of the team against Miss State on Valentines Day 2015.  “We feel the love”, stated Coach Cole.  “The Tigers are very grateful for this and each contribution.”

In appreciation of his contribution, Connie Griffin (club bookkeeper, videographer, and team supporter) pinned Rob at Ubee’s restaurant. Rob will get the trinkets that are provided to Tiger Rugby 100 contributors.  At present we have a Tiger Rugby tie and pin.

The Memphis Tigers incur just over $20,000 in cost each year due to travel, game day cost and equipment expenses.  The players pay over $500 to play each year and the cost drives some away from the sport.  Borrowing from tiger football Highland 100 club, the vision of Tiger Rugby 100 is for 100 past players, supporters and friends to give $100 each year to fund half of our team cost.

Rob lending his support is especially sweet.  Though he did not play at Memphis, he has developed an appreciation for the team and the values we hold.  As a Life University rugger, he knows excellent rugby.  He transitioned to refereeing a few years ago and is quickly becoming one of the best referees in the area.

We call on all Tiger fans and supporters to joint Tiger Rugby 100.  We need your support.  Click here to discover how.  Thanks for giving to the club.

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Old Boys, Friends, Family and Fans – We need your support.  Please join the Tiger Rugby 100 Club and be a person who contributes at least $100 annually to help the club.  It is easy to contribute with Pay Pal…  and if you are tight on funds, set it up to charge your card $10 per month.  Everyone can handle that.  Even Phil.  Ha!  Just kidding Phil.  We are trying to get 100 folks to sign up, so everyone must be in.  (I’m leaving Phil’s name until he signs up and then I am going to pick on someone else.)

Please sign up your Kroger Card with Tiger Rugby again.  Kroger requires that you select your funds to go to the Tigers each January.  So, if you have signed up in the past, please sign up again.  This is free money.  A small portion of each purchase will be given to the Tigers. So, go to this Kroger page to learn more and sign up today.  Discover how we can get free money from Kroger.  Thanks for helping with this important initiative.  Do not delay. Do this today.