Tiger Practice - WebDuring the school year, most practices are held at the field east of the Rec Center located at 3769 Southern Avenue, Memphis. The team trains on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4:00pm to 6:00pm.

Practice starts promptly at 4:00. Players should be early to practice (3:45) taped, pooped, stretched and ready to run by 4:00. The captain will start the first run at 4:00. Players who miss the initial run (or who bail out of practice to go poop) are expected to stay for APC (After Practice Club) which is usually run by the baddest and fittest players on the club.

Players should be kited to play rugby with cleats, rugby shorts and sturdy shirts suitable for tackling and being tackled. Don’t forget your mouth guards. On days when the field is unplayable, practice will be inside and players should bring court shoes. Practice is only cancelled when school is closed due to weather. Drills are organized to maximize fitness and prepare players for 80 minutes of competitive rugby.

All students (UM and Southwest) interested in playing for the Tigers are encouraged to come out to play.  Play time is based on commitment to practice and the team, then to fitness and skills. All players are accepted based on their ability to be team players.

Summer practice is held at Memorial Field from 5pm to 7pm and is run by Competition Coach, Steve Swatzyna. Contact Coach Swatzyna for details.

Contact Coach Cole for more details (See Contact Page)

Spread the word.   Tigers are on the loose.


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