Tigers Start Fall Practice

Fall practice begins on Tuesday, August 14th, at 4:30 and will last until 6:30. Practices will be on Tuesday and Thursday on the following schedule:

8/14 – 4:30- 6:30

8/16 – 4:30 – 6:30

8/21 – 4:30- 6:30

8/23- 6:00 – 8:00

8/28 and beyond, 3:30 – 5:30

We will begin with skills training right out of the box.   We will test fitness by compressing drills and minimizing recovery time.

We have our first match on September 8 and will play every weekend through November 17th.  We will probably have two matches per weekend and will need two full sides to complete the fall schedule.

Players should be early to practice to be taped, pooped, stretched and ready to run.  The captain will start the first run at the noticed practice time.  All players who miss the initial run (or how bail out of practice to go poop)  are expected to stay for APC (After Practice Club) which is usually run by the baddest and fittest players on the club.

For practice, players should be kitted to play rugby with cleats, rugby shorts and sturdy shirts suitable for tackling and being tackled.  On days with rain, practice will be inside and players should have court shoes.

All practices are at Memorial field north of Elma Rhone Field House on Zach Curlin road.

All persons interested in playing Tiger Rugby are encouraged to attend.  Play time is based on commitment to practice and the team, then to fitness and skills.  No players turned away.  All players accepted based on their ability to be team players.

Spread the word.   Tigers are on the loose.