Phil Elliott Top Scorer for Fall 2012

Phil Elliott

Phil Elliott

Final stats are in and the Tigers scored a whopping 609 points this fall as they cruised to a 17 and 2 season. The Tigers competed in two 7’s tournaments and the Ozark Ruggerfest along with at least  one match every weekend following the Old Boy match the first weekend in September. I don’t have stats on points scored against us, but many were blowouts and I believe we outscored our opponents 3-1.

In the Fall of 2011, we had problems getting into the try zone. Our first two wins were due to a solid defense and the kicking ability of Phil Elliott. We started scoring tries when we played Harding last year, and have not looked back since. Putting points on the board has been a priority of the coaching staff and the lads have worked very hard at developing creativity and fluidity in their running and ball movement. Also, the Tiger Pack is relentless at protecting the ball at the rucks and tying up their backline players. The pack takes almost all their set pieces and often takes their ball.

Phil Elliott wins honors as top scorer with 110 points on the season. Phil finds a way to win, often putting his body on the line to get the job done. at times he creates offense where none exists, and has provided opportunities to his backline to sore as well. Collectively the backs scored an impressive 365 points this fall. Here is how the backline scoring broke down:

Phil Elliott 110
Tezman Mosley 50
Thomas Strickland 40
Jay MacDonnchacdh 30
Nolan Wilson 30
Jonathan Brewi 25
Freddy Hodges 25
Justin Hale 25
Scott Smith 20
John Elmore 5
Justin Walden 5

Josh 1The second highest scorer was Joshua Campbell with 77 points. Josh graduated from the team this fall. We will miss his play and guidance on the pitch. He had a great field vision and could sense opportunity. He was not only prolific, he set up others nicely and the forwards became rather adept at getting into the try zone. The forwards scored 244 points over the season by working together in an unselfish manner.




Here is how the forward scoring looked:

Joshua Campbell 77
Kasra Koleini 37
Brandon Worley 35
Josiah Shipley 30
Chris Cobb 20
Jonathan Bauer 10
Will Fitts 10
Kian Kolieni 10
August Myers 5
Jamie Perry 5
Ryan Phillips 5


Losing Josh this season is going to be a blow to our team, but I am confident that the lads will step up and fill in the gap.

All in all, the offense is moving in the right direction. We need to tighten up on several aspects of our offense, but the direction is promising. The future for the Tigers looks bright.