Ole Miss Match Moved to 11:00am

The Ole Miss team requested that we start at 11:00 so they could get back to watch their football team’s contest against LSU.

So…. bring out a chair tomorrow at 11:00am (Saturday, 10/23), and a cup of coffee to watch the Tigers take on Ole Miss. This rivalry has continued with the Tigers on top in recent years. This year the contest will determine if the Tigers remain undefeated and on their way to another conference playoff win.

Come out and cheer on your Tigers.


Tigers Receive Kroger Dollars

Today the Tigers have an additional $400 thanks to all of our fans and families who have taken time to link their Kroger cards to Tiger Rugby.

Kroger Corporation provides a portion of each purchase for folks who have linked their Kroger Plus card to the Tigers. This is free money and we desperately need the funds.

Please link your Kroger Card to the Tigers today. You lose nothing and we gain essential dollars to keep Tiger Rugby rolling.

For instructions on how this works, please follow this link.

Thanks so much for your support of the Tigers!