Old Boy Weekend – September 7&8


Tiger Old Boy weekend is taking shape.  It will start with a dinner at the Germantown Country Club on Friday night, September 7. All current players are encouraged to attend.  Old boys will be there lying about their prowess… and the good old days.  (Be kind.)


We will connect with the Old Boys in this important venue and will take a few minutes to fill them in on our fall schedule, goals and objectives for the fall and a sneak peak at the spring matrix games.


On Saturday, we take on the Tiger Old Boys at Memorial Field at 1:00.  The Flamingos will play the Lady Tigers at 2:30 and the Blues will play the Memphis Old Boys around 4:00.  There will be a social to follow. Location pending.


Book off from work this important weekend.  I expect every player to be in attendance.  We will need all hands on deck to make the logistics happen.