Memphis v. MTSU

MTSUThe second season match-up between MTSU and the Tigers will be tomorrow, rain or shine.  We hope for good weather and a fast track for our speedy backs.  Be there for the fun.  It will be the best show of the weekend.

Memorial Field, University of Memphis

Kickoff:  1:00

Referee:  James Rodriguez

Side for the day:  1. Jamie Perry 2. Ian Curry 3. Eric Ofinowicz 4. Jonathan Bauer 5. Kasra Koleini 6. Chris Lemons 7. Adam Hairston 8. Segen Marais 9. Tre Coupland 10. John Elmore 11. Thomas Strickland 12. Josiah Shipley 13. Cameron Walton 14. Freddy Hodges 15. Scott Smith 16. Anthony Smith 17. Tyler Mann 18. Keegan White 19. Burt Milam 20. Kyle Baker 21. Mark Williams 22. Kian Kolieni 23. Willie Lacey

Pre-game:  Middle School and High School matches starting at 9:30 am.

Post game Social at Ubee’s