Memphis Tigers 11th in the Nation at CRC

The Memphis Tigers Rugby Team entered the 2024 National 7s Championship with determination, despite facing challenges along the way. Their journey began with a match against the Scranton Royals, who caught them off guard with a strategic kickoff. Scranton’s deep kicks pushed Memphis against their own goal line, allowing them to capitalize on turnover ball and secure a significant lead in the first half. Although the Tigers adjusted their tactics and outscored the Royals in the second half, the initial deficit proved insurmountable, resulting in a 29-12 loss.

Tigers ready to start competing!

Undeterred, Memphis rallied in their second match against St. Louis, reclaiming their momentum with a hard-fought 21-15 victory. However, they faced a formidable opponent in Colorado Mesa for their third match, ultimately succumbing to a 43-12 defeat.

Determined to finish strong, the Tigers squared off against Northwestern in a battle for 11th place. Despite facing stiff competition, Memphis dug deep and emerged victorious with a 19-7 win, securing their position among the nation’s top teams.

Christian Flynn

Christian Flynn was named Man of the Tournament for his leadership and excellent play. We are thrilled to have such a talented player on our team. 

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Tigers representing Memphis well!

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Tired, but still playful!

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