Memphis Tiger Rugby Team Outlasts UNI Panthers

In a heart-pounding rugby clash, the Memphis Tiger Rugby Team faced off against the University of Northern Iowa Panthers in a National Championship semifinal match that would keep fans on the edge of their seats. With standout performances and a rollercoaster of emotions, this game proved to be a testament to the resilience and determination of both teams.

First Half Drama:

The match started with a bang as Caleb Schmidt scored at the 1:38 mark into the first half, followed by a successful conversion from Conor Dempsey, giving the Tigers an early 7-0 lead. However, the Panthers roared back, scoring three tries in succession and converting two, taking the lead to 19-7. A severe hip injury on the field prompted a 15-minute stoppage, during which the Tigers regrouped.

Tigers’ Resurgence:

Rejuvenated and refocused, the Tigers fought back in the latter part of the first half. Harry Hagan’s try in the 27th minute set the tone for the comeback, and Alejandro Nava’s score at the 30th minute, converted by Conor, narrowed the gap to 21-19. Caleb Schmidt added another try at the 34th minute, but the Panthers managed a late equalizer, leaving the first half tied at 26 each.

Tiger Fans enjoy match at MICR Fundraiser

Second Half Action:

The Panthers struck first in the 44th minute, taking the lead to 31-26. The Tigers, however, were not to be outdone. Captain Sehrab Bagha’s crucial try in the 52nd minute, coupled with Conor’s conversion, swung the momentum back in favor of the Tigers. Musa Banat rumbled over several players for a try at the 65th minute, and Christian Flynn’s score in the 68th minute extended the Tigers’ lead to 43-34.

Final Moments:

The Panthers, refusing to capitulate, staged a last-ditch effort with a try in the 76th minute, narrowing the score to 43-39. The tension was palpable as the Tigers defended their goal with unwavering determination. In the dying moments, an errant pass found touch, signaling the end of the match and cementing the Tigers’ well-deserved victory.

The Road to the National Championship:

Now, the Tigers stand at the threshold of glory as they prepare for the National Championship match against the Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP) scheduled for Sunday, December 10, at 2:00 PM. Excitement is palpable among Tiger fans, with many on-site in Houston to witness the championship clash, and hundreds more tuning in on The Rugby Network. Notably, Tiger alum Kevin Roedel is gearing up for a grand watch party at Celtic Crossing, extending an invitation to all Tiger fans in Memphis to join the festivities, watch the match, and collectively cheer the Tigers to victory.


As the dust settled on the battlefield against the UNI Panthers, the Memphis Tiger Rugby Team now faces their next formidable challenge—the National Championship. The journey has been arduous, marked by highs and lows, but the Tigers’ resilience and indomitable spirit have brought them to the cusp of glory. The rugby community eagerly awaits the showdown on December 10, and with Tiger fans rallying both on-site and from afar, the roar of victory may well resonate far beyond the field, echoing the triumphs of a team united in purpose and bound for greatness.

Tigers Victorious over UNI

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