Memphis over Ole Miss – Spring 2019

The Memphis Tigers met Ole Miss on Saturday, April 6 for a series of three 7s matches. Rob Halcomb stood in the center for the day and did a wonderful job of letting the lads play.

In game 1, the Tigers were up 12-0 in the first half and then finished 31-0. In game 2, the Tigers were up 15 – 0 in the half and finished 29-5. In game 3, the Memphis were up 26-0 at the half and finished 40-7.

The Tigers could have scored more points but they failed to convert some easy chip shots. It took them a while but they settled on fullback Turk Wigley who consistently slotted the conversions in the 3rd match.

The scoring for the day went as follows: Brittin Roedel scored five tries, Jaylen Jackson with two tries, Grant Caldwell two tries and one conversion, Ethan Scott with two tries and one conversion, Turk Wigley with one try and eight conversions, Cris Valle-Castillo, Kameron Walker, Freddy Dillard and Eric Rivera all with one try.

The Tigers hosted Ole Miss at Newby’s and all had a great time.

Coach Swatzyna mused that they had only one practice on Thursday to get ready for 7s and that was in a gym due to the rain. “I was impressed with the athleticism of our lads and the way they ran for space,” said Coach Swatzyna. I’m glad with their development.

Backs coach Steve Shaw has been impressing his lads to look for the “open man” and to not get tackled with the ball. “I’m glad to see things beginning to click,” said Coach Shaw.

The Tigers finish the 2019 spring with a trip to Lindenwood where they will take on their “B” side. This may be the toughest test for the Tigers this spring. Lindenwood has one of the top teams in the nation and their “B” is right behind their “A” team in ball handling skills. Wish our lads well next week.