Memphis Learns Lessons Well at ASU Rugby Seminar

The Tigers knew that going into ASU that we would have our hands full.  We did not know how we would fare, but knew that the exposure to a team of national championship quality would allow us to improve our game.  ASU did not disappoint.  They showed us where we needed to improve, but also showed us how far we had come this year.

Only one match was planned and the Tigers put out a strong side to start the match and planned to leave them there for the full 40 minutes. Our remaining players took on the second half.  This plan was to allow each player an opportunity to feel high pressure for 40 minutes and learn as much as possible.

The Tigers actually did quite well with ASU, holding them to 29 points in the first half.  The first 20 minutes the Tigers were competitive in set pieces and held their own in the rucks.  The Tigers spent too much time defending their half, in part because of the ASU attack and in part because of a tough head wind.  The Tigers have definitely learned a lot in the past year and demonstrated that they could handle themselves.

Thankfully, the Tigers got on the board in the second half by a crafty play and some speedy running by Tezman Mosley.

The Tigers will use these lessons as we continue to develop the skills we will need to compete in the SIRC.