Memphis at Georgia Southern

The Tigers traveled 11 hours to Statesboro last weekend to try Georgia Southern again.  Due to some work and personal problems, we were only able to take 15.  Unfortunately, we lost Ronnie Roberson on the kickoff.

Tigers at Georgia Southern

Tigers at Georgia Southern

Ronnie hit the kick off receiver so hard I thought he knocked him out.   They both landed in a heap.   Unfortunately, Ronnie dislocated his shoulder and was out for the match.  The remaining Tigers played a man down, up hill and faced a 23 mph head wind.  Despite these challenges, the Tigers were only down 17 points at the half.  We felt like we had a shot running down hill and with the tail wind, but were not able to make things click.  Without subs, the physical punishment began to take its toll and we were not able to put the necessary points on the board.  We ended up loosing 37 to 7.  Cameron  picked up a Georgia Southern  fumble and outran the defense  40 meters to get the Tigers on the board.  Lots of good play was demonstrated by the Tigers.  Athletically, the Tigers continue to improve, but we need  to work on wide coverage and teamwork at the rucks.

Thomas Strickland had a great day and was chosen Man of the Match.  August Myers was selected as the Best Forward for his tough play in the rucks and open field tackles.

August Myers, Jonathan Bauer and Thomas Strickland

August Myers, Jonathan Bauer and Thomas Strickland

The Tigers travel to Kennesaw State this Saturday to play on their turf field.  (They have a dedicated Rugby stadium for their club.)


Wish us well!

(Not pictured in the group shot are captain Adam Hairston and John Elmore who took the Swatzyna flight home!)


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