Logistics for Ole Miss – Updated

The Tigers take on Ole Miss Saturday 8/22 in Oxford, MS in a pre-conference friendly. The Ole Miss/Memphis match has become one

Ole Miss Rugby

Ole Miss Rugby

of the highlights of our season and we look forward to this test with great expectation.  Everyone registered with USA Rugby plays this match.  Logistics for the day are as follows:

  • 9:30 gather at Central Parking Lot
  • 10:00 vans leave for Oxford
  • 12:00 we’ll be in Oxford
  • 12:30 everyone s/b dressed, taped and ready to play
  • 2:00 Kickoff
  • 4:00 Social with Ole Miss
  • 8:30 arrive back at Central


  • Black shorts, match day socks, jerseys to be provided.
  • Blue tiger shirts for travel and warmup.
  • Mouth guards, Cleats
  • Clean blue shirt for social and travel home.

Referee: Rob Halcomb

Location:  Blackburn-McMurray Outdoor Sports Complex.  Insight Park Ave, Oxford, MS 38655

The Social

The post match social is an important part of the game of rugby. It is a holdover from the gentlemanly version of sports in english speaking countries.  It is also seen in golf, where opponents will gather in the restaurant for some food and beverage after a round of competition.

Proper application of the post match social is to meet with your opposition and get to know them as persons, not just opponents. Take a minute to get to know them, finding out their major of study, personal interests, time with the sport and other such items.

We have found that the camaraderie built during the social enhances the game and pulls players of the sport closer together.  In fact, as you as a rugby player travel around the globe, if you wonder into any rugby pub and they find out you played rugby, you are usually treated to a free drink where the lads of the pub will be interested in your game and when you played.  Just ask Kian the interesting times he had in this regard during his walkabout.

Off to Ole Miss.

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Please help!

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