Logistics for Miss State

Kick-off: 8:00pm

Temperature at Kick-off:  44 degrees

Referee:  Alastair Twaddle

Starting side:  1. Dylan Carter 2. Josiah Shipley 3. Brandon Worley 4. Ryan Phillips 5. Chris Cobb 6. Joshua Campbell 7. Adam Hairston 8. Kian Kolieni (Captain) 9. Jonathan Brewi 10. Nolan Wilson 11. Justin Hale 12. J. C. Russell 13. Justin Walden 14. Tezman Mosley 15. Jay MacDonnchadh

Everyone gets to play.

Gather at the field at 6:30 taped, dressed and ready to warm up.

Social:  Ubees for burgers and fries, immediately after the match.  Free to players.  Guests $10.00 please.