Logistics for Memphis v. Vanderbilt 1/26/2013

vanderbiltKickoff 1:00 Memorial Field (Memphis)

Referee:  Brad Cole

Starting side – 1 Brandon Worley, 2 Ian Curry, 3 Eric Ofinowicz, 4 Jonathan Bauer, 5 Chris Lemons, 6 Adam Hairston, 7 Segen Maris, 8 Kian Koleini, 9 Tyler Clemons, 10 Phil Elliott,  11 Tezman Mosley, 12 Josiah Shipley, 13 Cameron Walton, 14 Thomas Strickland, 15 Scott Smith

Three 30 minute periods are planned.  All players will play.  This is our last friendly before we start with conference play and this will be our seeding review.  Players need to put their best foot forward for the match.  The video will be reviewed.

Social at Ubee’s Restaurant