Jonathan Bauer Graduates

Bauer drives for a try in  win over KSU

Bauer drives for the line in
win over KSU

We’d like to take this time to acknowledge our graduating senior, Jonathan Bauer.

Jonathan will graduate this year with a degree in English and a 3.7GPA, demonstrating his capacity as a true scholar athlete.

As a rugby player, he started all 4 years for the Tigers, standing second row, flanker and #8.  With Bauer, the Tigers moved up from Division 3 rugby to Division 1, demonstrating their ability to compete at the highest levels.  He was on the team that won the 2012 Ozark Cup (Little Rock) and Vanderbilt University 2012 Oak Leaf Cup.

Bauer as an All Star

Bauer as an All Star

He was honored by his peers for distinguished play multiple times over his last 4 years.  This spring, he achieved best forward honors in the Georgia Southern and Kennesaw State Matches this year and was chosen the Man of the Match against Georgia Tech.  He scored a try against Georgia Tech in Atlanta to secure the Tigers first SIRC win.

He was chosen to represent the Tigers on the South Independent Rugby Conference (SIRC) All-Star camp in 2013 and was one of four Tigers selected to SIRC Select Side this year.

Bauer as senior leader awards medals  in captain's absence

Bauer as senior leader awards medals
in captain’s absence

He provided critical club leadership by serving as the Tiger’s Rugby Club treasurer and secretary, and as forward leader and team captain.

“He is the most cerebral player I have ever coached,” stated Coach Cole.  “He understands even the more nuanced aspects of the game, and uses them to his team’s advantage.”

“He will give you all he’s got,” stated Coach Swatzyna. “He doesn’t hold anything back when he’s in the game.”

Bauer gets his bling

Bauer gets his bling

Jonathan played his last game as a Tiger in a 46-5 win over Georgia Tech. Standing #8, Jonathan provided a stable platform for solid ball service to the backline.  He also led the defense by solid tackles, consistently shutting down the Georgia Tech attack.

Jonathan will be further acknowledged at the team dinner at the season end Tiger Banquet on April 17th.  Please join us in acknowledging Jonathan for his contributions to Tiger Rugby over the past 4 years.