Introducing the “Curlin Cup”

Curlin Cup

Memphis and CBU inaugurate a cup to mark their annual rugby fixture.  The sport of rugby has a fine tradition of naming special matches after cups, such as the Bledisloe Cup and the Webb Ellis Cup.  In that tradition, the Curlin Cup is born. 

The Curlin cup is named after Zach Curlin.  A graduate from Christian Brothers College, Zach Curlin played football at Vanderbilt and coached at the Memphis State University.  He is known as the father of athletics at the University of Memphis. The Tigers play at Memorial field on Zach Curlin Street.

Zach Curlin

The inaugural Curlin Cup match will be on October 30, 2021 at McBride Field at Tobey Park.  The proud winner of the match will have possession of the Curlin Cup until the next meeting.