High School All-Star Week 2017 Was Fabulous!

High School All-Star Week 2017 Was Fabulous!

The Memphis High School All-Stars had a week of work culminating with a match on Friday night under the lights and by all accounts the week was a fabulous success. The players were assessed on Tuesday and had practice on Thursday to prepare for a Friday match. At 7:00 on Friday night (June 9) the girls started us out with a 7’s match followed by a 15s test by the boys.  Matches were played at First Assembly Christian School stadium.

The goals of the High School All-Star week were to:

  • highlight the accomplishments of our better high school players
  • give players an opportunity to be coached by collegiate level coaches
  • develop strong  camaraderie among the high school players
  • advance the level of play in the rugby community

Sponsors for the event were University of Memphis RugbyCole Pain Therapy Group, The Memphis Blues and the Memphis Flamingos.  Cole Pain Therapy Group is a key sponsor in the Memphis rugby community since the practice is owned by Drs. Brad and Richard Cole both long time players, referees and coaches of the game.  The Memphis Blues Rugby club is the local D2 men’s team and they are committed to the advancement of their team and rugby in the Memphis area. They are key sponsors of the University of Memphis Rugby and a highly competitive men’s team.  The Flamingos are the local ladies rugby team.  They regularly vie for national honors due to their strong play. The Blues and Flamingos invite interested persons to contact them regarding playing opportunities.  The doctors at Cole Pain Therapy Group invite persons with spine, muscle and joint problems to call the clinic to discover the conservative treatment options available for them.  The University of Memphis Rugby team sponsored and managed the event with the objective of highlighting the Memphis Rugby Program.

Player pics are up for the matches.  Thanks to Tom Sweeney for his faithful contribution to the weekend.

Here are pics of the lady All-Stars:  https://www.facebook.com/tom.sweeney.940/media_set?set=a.10211912402197218.1073742003.1586471121&type=3

Here are the boy All-Stars pics: https://www.facebook.com/tom.sweeney.940/media_set?set=a.10211913160536176.1073742004.1586471121&type=3

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The players were kitted in Tytan Rugby jerseys. Tytan Rugby is the new sponsor of the South Independent Rugby Conference.  The leadership of The University of Memphis Rugby program have happily worked with Tytan Rugby for the past year with great success.

*More info will be added to this post as the other pics are available.

Event T-shirts are still available for $25 in white, teal and salmon colors. If you wish to have a T-shirt, please donate $25 on the donate page at TigerRugby.org and give us your name and address for shipping.  The shirts can also be picked up at Cole Pain Therapy Group.

Thanks to the sponsors, referees, coaches, photographers, videographers, T-shirt sellers, players and the fans that made the week possible.  Thanks importantly to Coach Lowe and First Assembly Christian School for allowing us to use their stadium.  The venue was fabulous.