Fall Tiger Awards Announced!

Calvin Gentry was recognized as the MVP of the club for the tough running that he added to the Tiger offense. He also helped other players improve their play as he would set them up for scores. He scored critical tries that kept the Tigers undefeated through conference play and he teamed up with Brittin Roedel to score critical tries in the Sweet 16 match in Greenville, South Carolina to send the Tigers to the Elite 8. Defensively, he kept the players properly aligned and was ever a poach threat, stealing ball on a regular basis.

Ethan Scott, Leroy Taylor, Calvin Gentry, Musa Banat and Brittin Roedel

Brittin Roedel was awarded the Best Back for his contribution at 10, slicing runs, and points from the foot. He clearly opened up the offense by being unpredictable. Defenses had a difficult time managing his sharp foot which kept them on their back foot. He drew a lot of attention which provided Calvin space to exploit. Brittin also tackles 50 pounds above his weight, and was eager to aggressively drop men twice his size.

Captain Musa Banat was elected Best Forward. His leadership of the team this season was a key to he team’s success. He was truly in command of his troupes, giving them heart, instruction and sometimes a kick in the tail when needed. He was a leader not a driver and was the first to pick up his game when needed. He also played above his size and weight as many great hookers do. He was strong in the scrums and lineouts, taking all of his ball, even getting some of theirs.

Tiger Scratch is an award provided to a player who plays through adversity, being scratched as a Tiger. Also, it is awarded to players who play with abandon, leaving a Tiger Scratch on the opponent players. The definition is interpreted differently over the years but the right person is always chosen. This year we had a tie at Tiger Scratch. Ethan Scott and Leroy Taylor were both awarded the Tiger scratch award for playing top level rugby giving and taking in true Tiger Scratch form. They played each match giving it their all and making their mark.

Congratulations to the Top Tigers of fall 2019.