Tiger Rugby 100

In 2013, Tiger Rugby started a long term funding initiative called Tiger Rugby 100.  Patterned after the Highland 100, this effort is designed to provide long term stability to the rugby team through reaching out to the Tiger Old Boys, Memphis players over the years like Old #7 and the Blues, and parents of the Tigers.

Contributors can know that they are supporting one of the best programs in the south and are helping young men in their personal development through the sport of rugby.

The $10,000 raised through this initiative will be used to lower the student cost.  It currently takes just over $25,000 to run a program through the year.  This program would fund almost half of our budget.

All persons who can help in this initiative are encouraged to go to the Donate page and make a gift of $100.  You can also make two $50 gifts if it helps you participate.  We can even process an automatic $10.00 per month draft.  Whatever it takes to get this done.

You can donate here:

Thanks in advance for your support of Tiger Rugby.