Memphis Rugby LogoParticipants in Bluff City 7s may pay their entry fee through, Venmo, PayPal or by Check. See below.

Tiger Rugby successfully competes due to the gracious folks who provide consistent financial support.

It takes about $35,000 each year to run the rugby program at Memphis and all funds are paid in the form of player dues, or generated through gifts.  Please consider giving today. Thanks to all of you who contribute to Tiger Rugby. We can accept checks to Tiger Rugby Foundation 2845 Summer Oaks Drive, Bartlett, TN 38134

You can donate with Venmo @UMTigerRugby (Richard Cole)

There are three other ways to give to Tiger Rugby.

Player Dues  Players can pay dues through this portal. Please specify the name of the player to get credit for the payment.

Donate to support Tiger Rugby.  Any extra you give helps the boys compete. All contributions are tax deductible through our 501-C-3 foundation.

Or, you can contribute with Pay Pal…

Or, please mail donations to the club at:

Tiger Rugby Foundation.
2845 Summer Oaks Drive
Memphis, Tennessee  38134

Send us an email and let me know what cool rugby junk you might want as a thanks.

Mission of Tiger Rugby Foundation

At the Tiger Rugby Foundation, our mission is to support the University of Memphis rugby team and provide students with unparalleled opportunities to excel in the sport of rugby while fostering personal growth and character development. Committed to the principles of integrity, teamwork, and leadership, we strive to empower deserving players through financial support, scholarships, and mentorship, creating an environment where they can thrive both on and off the field.

Our foundation is dedicated to ensuring that financial barriers never hinder a student’s ability to participate in rugby. We provide essential support by offering scholarships, covering the costs of uniforms, equipment, and travel expenses for games and tournaments. This commitment to financial support has yielded exceptional results, including numerous championships, winning seasons, and a remarkable #2 ranking in the United States in 2023. The tangible impact of our foundation’s support is evident in the team’s success and the invaluable experiences gained by student-athletes.

Rugby, to us, is more than just a sport; it is a profound platform for personal and collective growth. We believe that rugby instills values and life skills that extend beyond the playing field. The traditions of the game emphasize teamwork, leadership development, and respect for authority and fellow players. Through rugby, we aim to provide a stable and transformative experience that prepares our student-athletes for the challenges and opportunities they will encounter throughout their lives.

The coaching staff at the University of Memphis rugby team, supported by the Tiger Rugby Foundation, is committed to building up young men in key areas of character development. We emphasize the values of integrity, courage, commitment, leadership, class, and poise. By instilling these qualities, we not only create successful athletes but also prepare individuals who will make positive contributions to their communities and society at large.

In summary, the Tiger Rugby Foundation is dedicated to transforming lives through rugby excellence. We believe in providing financial support that goes beyond the scoreboard, enabling students to participate, compete, and succeed in rugby while fostering character development and lifelong skills. Our commitment to integrity, teamwork, and leadership ensures that the impact of our foundation extends far beyond the confines of the rugby pitch, shaping the future leaders of our communities. Together, we build a legacy of success and character that lasts a lifetime.

Thanks so much for your support of Tiger Rugby.