Daily Memphian Celebrates Tiger Rugby Run!

Memphis is waking up to the excitement of Tiger Rugby and this is exemplified by the Daily Memphian covering the Tigers, their undefeated season and final 4 qualification. They covered the accomplishments of your Tiger rugby team with keen interest.

In the article, Coach Dave Hill gave high praise to Coach Phil Beck who sparks the offense and Coach Bryan Colbridge who toughened the forwards tightened up the defense. All coaches have done an excellent job molding the players into high performing student athletes.

Coach Hill also acknowledged the leadership of the seniors in forming this year’s competitive team. The Tigers start nine seniors which makes a big difference for the Tigers competitively.

Coach Hill gives praise to Tiger Rugby Nation that gets behind the Tigers financially. “We would like to move up from D2 TO D1aa but are held back due to a lack of funds.” says Coach Hill, “We have a $35,000 annual budget now and if we move up, the travel cost would add another $20,000 in travel expenses along, not counting any post season activity.”

The university gives us $1000, the players pay $550 per year to play and the supporters and alumni kick in the remainder. We have a growing support base and many people make significant financial sacrifices to support the players. If it were not for the support of our supporters, families and fans, we would not have the program that we do. Our average annual gift is under $100 so that means a lot of people are involved with support for the Tigers.

You can read the article on the Daily Memphian here and if you would like a PDF Download of the article, Contact Coach Cole.

Extra thanks to Coach Steve Williams who successfully got the eye of the Daily Memphian.

Fans and supporters can continue to support Tiger Rugby by donating to our Go Fund Me here or can give through our Donation page here. Donations may be specified such as for the scholarship fund, general fund or endowment fund.