Coach’s 2013 Address to the Players

Coach Cole

Coach Cole

A sage once said the following:  “Thoughts shape actions, actions shape habits, habits shape character, and character shapes destiny.”

I believe this to be true.  Scripture puts it more succinctly, stating, “As a man thinks, so is he.”

As we embark on our first season in the SIRC, I wish to challenge you to take these axioms to heart.  Thought control is critical to your success on and off the field.  It applies to all areas of your life.  You will become what you think about.

So, with respect to your play, think like the high performance athlete you wish to become.  Think about what you need to eat, and feed your body well.  Think about how you need to exercise, and push your body to be faster and stronger.  Think about how you will practice, because that is the way you will play.  Think about how you will compete in matches. As you practice making good choices in your head, you will ingrain those behaviors in your head and that is the way you will eventually act.

We will start practice on Saturday, January 12 with an all day camp.  Beginning at 9:00 am, we will go over all aspects of play.  This will be more of a learning camp and less of a physical push.  This camp will be critical to our success this spring.  So. make whatever plans you need to make to ensure your attendance.

Remember that “Character shapes destiny” part?  A study at Palmer College showed that chiropractic students who played rugby were significantly more successful as physicians than those who did not.  I firmly believe that the lessons you learn in rugby create the critical dynamics for success in life.  To be successful on the field, you must discipline yourself to eat well and train on your own.  You must heed your captain and work with others to achieve a goal.  You must discipline yourself to keep your mouth shut when the referee makes calls that you don’t like.  Win or loose, you are challenged put on an attitude of goodwill after the match and share with your opponent.  The disciplines and attitudes acquired through winning rugby will develop character traits that will translate into success in life as they carry over into your studies and your professional career.

So, as we start 2013, control your thoughts… or… get your head right.  Either way you phrase it, a winning attitude is critical as we move to compete in the SIRC.

See ya in a couple of weeks.