Coaching Staff

Coach Cole, Coach Shaw, Head Coach Swatzyna, and Coach Barton.


Steve Swatzyna, Steve Shaw and Rick Cole have experience as players at the club and select side levels, with Coach Swatzyna rising to the USA Eagles, our national team.  Alex Barton played for the Marines, the All Military team and the Phalanx  while he was stationed in Hawaii. All have many years experience coaching the game. 

Head Coach Swatzyna directs the coaching staff and we are pleased to work with him. 

Coaching Philosophy

Rugby is one of the finest games ever invented and is a stable platform to enjoy competition and learn about life.  The traditions of rugby encourage teamwork to achieve a common goal, leadership development, and respect for authority and other players.  The coaching staff is committed to building up young men in the following areas:  integrity, courage, commitment, leadership, class, and poise.

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