Bluff City 7s Challenge

We are inviting competitive collegiate teams to Memphis for the Bluff City 7s challenge. We will have 12 teams battling for the bling! Trophies for the first, second and third place teams.

  • Date: Saturday March 2, 2024
  • Venue: University of Memphis – Memorial Field, 451 Zach Curlin Street, Memphis, TN
  • Registration: begins 8:00
  • First Kickoff: 9:40 am with the finals at 5:30.
  • Lunch is provided onsite (burgers, chips, dogs, water) no cost to players and coaching staff

Participating teams to date are:

  • Memphis A
  • Memphis B
  • Memphis C
  • LSU
  • Ole Miss
  • Mizzou
  • Wash U
  • Alabama

College teams who wish to participate should contact Rick Cole at and 901-482-3721. Cost to participate is $350 per team. We will max at 12 teams so contact us now.

Free admission. Fans and rugby friends are encouraged to attend. Bring a lawn chair and enjoy the day. There will be food trucks at the venue for the day. T-shirts and soft drinks are also available on site.

Bluff City 7s Challenge 2023

Details, Rules and Guidelines.

  1. Bluff City Challenge is a developmental tournament.  You may bring as many players as you want, but can only play 12 in any one match.
  2. Playing Surface – Memorial Field – 451 Zach Curlin Street, Memphis
    Restrooms are available on site.  The playing surface is inside a track.
    End zone areas are for warm-up of the next participating teams.
    Players may setup camps outside the track at end zones.
    The south side of the pitch is reserved for fans.
    – Technical Zone will be on the north side of the track and players shall remain between the 10 and the 22. Coaches will stay with their teams.  
  3. Scoring – There is no overtime except for the finals matches.  Tie breakers will be head-to-head, tries and then points differential.
  4. Coin Toss – Captains will report to the scorer’s tent at the halftime of the previous match for coin toss. Any captain not at the scorer’s tent will lose the toss. 
  5. Certified Trainers will be available for player safety and injury assessment.  They are not there for prevention taping
  6. Registration – Players shall present at registration
    Signed participation waiver from the University of Memphis.
    School ID – All players must be registered as a student in school
    – Photo ID proving identity. (if school ID is a photo ID, only school ID is required.
  7. Awards
    There will be trophies for the top three finishing teams.
    – Player medals will be awarded for the “All Tournament Team” (Top 12 players of the tournament selected by the coaches and players) – Captains will participate in gathering the required information for the all-tournament team for each match and selections of best opponents (forms will be provided)
  8. Discipline
    Any player with a red card is out for the tournament.
    – Coaches and captains shall ensure that all player communications with referees remain respectful and in the true spirit of the game. 
    – Coaches and players not respectful to the referees will be invited to leave the playing area. 
  9. Lunch – Lunch will be provided for players and coaching staff (hotdogs, hamburgers, chips, cookies, and a drink)