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Tigers Receive Kroger Dollars

Today the Tigers have an additional $400 thanks to all of our fans and families who have taken time to link their Kroger cards to Tiger Rugby.

Kroger Corporation provides a portion of each purchase for folks who have linked their Kroger Plus card to the Tigers. This is free money and we desperately need the funds.

Please link your Kroger Card to the Tigers today. You lose nothing and we gain essential dollars to keep Tiger Rugby rolling.

For instructions on how this works, please follow this link.

Thanks so much for your support of the Tigers!

Tiger Rugby Fall Training Regimen – 2020

Since we are not able to get together, Captain Ethan Scott has approved the 2020 fall home training regimen that you can download at this link. This is an off season training regimen that has been used by Tigers for the past 11 years.

The training regimen is patterned after the USA Eagles training regimen and is designed to provide the proper strength, speed and endurance for competing at the highest levels of rugby.

Ethan Scott, Tiger Captain

“We have a great bunch of players ready to go, said Captain Scott. “It is a shame that we cannot start practice, but we will do the best we can with what we have to work with. This training program will get the players fit so we can work on skills when we get together.”

Read the instructions carefully. Contact Coach Cole if you have any questions. Pay attention to getting adequate sleep and nutrition. You cannot build muscle and endurance without adequate protein and rest.

Eventually, the Covid-19 shutdown will end and we want our team ready to go. So, get off the couch and get to work.

Download the training program at the link above or below.

Tiger 2020 Fall Season Cancelled

The University of Memphis Rugby Team was informed on Friday, July 31, 2020 that their fall 15s season would not happen. There were a combination of issues that cancelled the season, all related to Covid-19.

The University of Memphis club sports division exists under the authority of “clubs” at Memphis and clubs have been prohibited from meeting in person until September 18, 2020. There will be rolling evaluations going forward and in-person meetings (practice) will be evaluated on a monthly basis as the university functions are normalized.

Simultaneous to the announcement from the UM officials, the Southeastern Collegiate Rugby Conference (SCRC) had received notice from several conference teams regarding the same problem. Simply, they were not allowed to play by their universities. So, conference commissioner Martin Bradley has decided to cancel conference play for the fall. Teams may play friendlies as their universities allow.

The SCRC will be evaluating the possibility of have a 15s competition in the spring.

The Tiger leadership will be posting training challenges for the players to increase their speed, aerobic fitness and strength. “Might as well work on our fitness while we are off,” stated captain Ethan Scott. “When we come back together, I want our players bigger and faster.”

2020 Tiger Awards Presentation

We honor our seniors, officers and Honor Roll players on Thursday, May 21 on a Facebook Live presentation at 7:00 pm. You will also find out who the new officers are and the future of Tiger Rugby.

Make plans to check in at 7:00 on Thursday the 21st.

We’ll see you on the web.

Tigers Achieve Academic Honor Roll

It is with great pleasure that I announce that three Tigers have achieved a cumulative GPA above 3.5. These players will be recognized at the Virtual Tiger Awards Banquet, by USA Rugby and by the Southeastern Collegiate Rugby Conference for their achievements.

The Tiger Honor Roll includes

  • Alec Sisco – 2020 graduate and double major in psychology and Criminal Justice, Alec was a key leader on an off the field. While thrilled with his successes, we will sorely miss his intellect and leadership.  

  • Ethan Scott –  Current club secretary and double major in English and Philosophy, Ethan has excelled on and off the pitch.  He is tough at scrum half and plays  30 pounds over his weight. He is a rising senior, so we are looking good next year. 

  • William (Liam) Scott – Junior majoring in Computer Science with a minor in Criminal Justice. He was a steady performer at flanker and we are glad we still have him with us.

Well done gentlemen!  

Tigers Earn Badge Awards

Several Memphis Tigers earned Tiger Badge Awards this year. The Badge is given to players who have completed a full year of play with the Tigers. Though the 2020 spring season was cut short, the leadership of the Tigers decided to award the Badge to those who started the spring and who were faithful until the season was stopped by the University of Memphis and USA Rugby.

These Tigers will be provided a club badge (patch) to sew on their practice jersey or warm-ups. No player is allowed to have the Badge until completing a full year of play with the Tigers.

It is an honor to recognize the following players for their committment to rugby at the University of Memphis.

Kyle Anthony
DeKauri Beam
Ian Byers
Demaric Davis
Kean Fenton
Calvin Gentry
Jon Jerome
Johnny Holloway 
Kaivon Nisby
Ethan Marsh
Gavin Rowie
Liam Scott
Josh Scott
Leroy Taylor
Andrew Turk
Tiger Rugby Badge Earners 2019-2020

These players are mainly in their freshmen or sophomore year which looks great for the Tigers going forward into the 2020-2021 season. We are all very excited about the future.

Congratulations to the Badge earners for this academic year.

Tiger Spring Season Comes to a Halt

As ruggers everywhere know, the spring season of rugby was halted by Covid-19. The Tigers were on a roll when their spring season was halted by USA Rugby and the University of Memphis officials.

The players are busy staying in shape best they can. We are looking forward to a fun 7s summer and a return to excellent play in the fall.

The leadership of Memphis is working on its transition and we still hold hopes for a senior recognition social, depending on guidance from the city.

Keep an eye on this site to know what is going on. Hope to see you soon.

Tigers vs Miners -2/29/2020

The Memphis Tigers take on the Missouri S&T Miners on Saturday, February 29 at 1:00 at Memorial Field on the campus of the University of Memphis.

This will be a developmental match for both teams and will allow the fans and coaches to get a good look at the future of our program. We will be playing mainly the second team since the first 15 are focusing on 7s rugby this spring.

Missouri S&T came in 5th place last year in D2 play behind the Tigers who ranked 4th in the nation. “We did now know about the Missouri S&T program until this years playoff finals,” stated Coach Dave Hill. “When I saw that they were only 5 hours away (in Rolla MO), I figured we just had to get a match. ”

Our spring schedule is here for those who wish to follow the Tigers.

Rugby fans are invited to come watch the fun. You can visit with your team at Newby’s after the match.