Arkansas State Logistics October 27, 2012

Meet atCentral Avenueparking lot at 9:30.  We are leaving at10:00 for ASU

Kick-off at 1:00

Be there at 11:30

Referee:  Tim Enos


Instructions to the field: 

1)      You’ll want to get on to I-55N (towards Blytheville/Jonesboro)

2)      Take exit 23 toward US-63/Marked Tree/Jonesboro

3)      Stay on US-63 till you hit exit 42

4)      Take the right turn off the exit for Carraway (Do not take first right off exit for Stadium.

5)      Make a right on to Carraway and follow it all the way down to the bottom.

6)      Make a left on to Matthews where it intersects Carraway

7)      Make a right on to the bridge about ½ a mile after you turn on Matthews (the street is calledMarion Berry Pkwy)

8)      On the bridge you will see a turnoff on your left about halfway across the bridge

9)      Take the turnoff that will loop around and take you past the track and some softball fields and at the end you will see our fields.

Play for the weekend:  The coaches and captain decided to play two 40 minute games.  Plan to play for 40 minutes unless there are technical adjustments that we need to make or injuries that we need to tend to.

First Half:  1. Dylan Carter 2. Ian Curry 3. Brandon Worley 4. Will Fitts 5. Jonathan Bauer 6. Josiah Shipley 7. Adam Hairston 8. Kian Koleini 9. Jonathan Brewi 10. Phil Elliott 11. Tezman Mosley 12. Jay MacDonnchadh 13. Nolan Wilson 14. Anthony Smith 15. Scott Smith

Second Half: 1. Eric Ofinowicz 2. Jamie Perry 3. Steven Smith 4. Tyler Mann 5. Chris Lemons 6. August Myers 7. Chris Cobb 8. Kasra Koleini 9. Trey Copeland 10. Justin Hale 11. Cameron Walton 12. J.C. Russell 13. Eric Cale 14. Thomas Strickland 15. John Elmore

Post Match Party:  After the match we will visit with the ASU students at the field.  They are planning to cook burgers for us.

We are canceling the dinner at Hibachi Grill.