Alumni Weekend – Open Letter From Coach Williams

Dear Rugby Alumni:

Ok this is the last alumni weekend email you will get from me as we have just about run out of time for everyone to clear their weekend calendar and concentrate on all of the alumni events taking place this weekend.

1.         First event is the social soiree/catch up with everyone this coming Friday night, 7-10 pm, 9/17/21, over at The Casual Pint located along the Highland Strip, 395 S. Highland.  So bring your wife/date/significant other/total stranger/another alumni/business associate/or just someone walking down Highland to the Casual Pint Friday evening for at least 15 minutes or 3 hours.  Wear your nicest Tiger rugby clothing and if you don’t have anything let me know we’ll figure out something to make you look like an ex-rugby jock.  Maybe make you stand net to Steve Swatzyna or Rick Cole so you really look special.

Coach Steve Williams

2.         Second is the rugby game and post-match bbq/social on Saturday morning, 9/18/21, at McBride Rugby

Field/Tobey Park located on Hollywood Road between Union and Central.  The Tigers play the Mississippi State Rugby Team with kickoff at 11 am.  Blake and Dave are planning or running around 40 players, the entire squad, thru the game so State should be draggin’ by the end of the game.  If you bring your kit maybe with all the on field confusion you could get in a few minutes.  They probably won’t notice.

Those of us whose rugby kit is too big due to loss of weight and having a slim, trim physique or the moths have eaten most of the material, will have to just sit on the sideline and watch the game.  Please feel free to bring a comfortable chair and we’ll find a strategic location to watch and comment on the game, referees, coaches, alumni, spectators, people walking down the street, weather, Afghanistan situation, current US fiscal policy or anything else that is on no relevant value at the time.  Please feel free to bring suntan lotion and wear your speedo so you can work on your fall tan lines as it should be sunny, 80 F, slight southern breeze and a fine day for rugby, bbq, beer, people watchin’, etc.

Immediately after the game there will be bbq/beer for those that are hungry and have paid their $100 food consumption fee for the privilege of eating bbq, drinking beer or soft drinks, talking to the players, people watching and getting my autograph is you are so inclined although I’m not sure why you would want it.

Note:  The U of M Football Team plays Mississippi State at 4 pm at Memorial Stadium down the street from Tobey Field.  So plan on getting to the game early. 

3.         Finally on Sunday, September 19, there is a golf tournament at the Chickasaw Country Club starting at 8

am.  Coach Blake White will be there and will entertain you during the game with his rousing rendition of the Tiger Fight Song on the karaoke machine and latest tap dance routing from his most recent Dancing with the Stars episode. 

Time is running out for you to be part of something special.  So please remember to pay your fees for the bbq dinner and golf tournament asap so they can plan accordingly.  Payment information is in the attached brochure on the Tiger Alumni weekend which was so beautifully developed by Coach Dave Hill – international rugby coach, grandfather, veteran, retired admiral or something like that for the Navy and ex-Tiger rugby player that played a long, long, long time ago for the Team back in the really old days when I was coaching the Team.

So please sign up and pay for the bbq dinner and golf tournament so we can plan the food and reserve the t-times for golf.  Stay safe out there and hopefully we’ll see you in a couple of weeks at one of the alumni events.

Steve Williams
Tiger Rugby Foundation