All Black Tiger Award

All Black Tiger Award

All Black Tiger Award

From down under, Tiger Rugby Nation received a very special gift.  Bob and Anne Campbell, the mother and father of Joshua Campbell, the first MVP of the Coach Cole Tiger era have provided a special trophy to be held and cherished by the winner of the annual MVP award.

The All Black Tiger Award is established.

Josiah Shipley, the 2013 MVP is thrilled with the recognition of his contributions through the 2012-2013 year and humbly accepted the award voted by his peers.  He will display the award at his home until the next MVP is selected in the spring of 2014.

A commemorative plaque will be placed at our club, Ubees’s, to recognize those who have achieved the MVP award.

Joshua taught us how to play and win.  His parents have provided a permanent connection to New Zealand rugby.  It is our turn to do the work needed to continue what Joshua started.  From this point forward, we will aspire to play All Blacks style power and skill rugby, and use this symbol as motivation to dominate rugby in the Mid South.

With the contributions of talented players like Joshua and Josiah at Memphis, the future remains bright.


Bob and Anne Campbell celebrate  Joshua's masters degree

Bob and Anne Campbell celebrate
Joshua’s masters degree










Josiah Shipley - 2013 MVP

Josiah Shipley – 2013 MVP











Josiah's mates

Josiah’s mates