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Tigers Invest in Memorial Field

For the 12 year in a row, the Tigers have taken on major maintenance projects for Memorial Field. Each year the Tigers work to improve the field by adding leveling dirt and sand and by spreading rye seed in winter so we will have a playing surface for the spring.

Ravi, Donovan and Liam

Steve Swatzyna used his mower and the team spreader to drop the seed. The entire process took about 3 hours. The pitch will be beautiful this spring.

Seeding is a major timing problem since we really cannot do much seeding at the optimal time (September/October) due to the band use of the pitch. We were a little later than normal this season but finally got the seed down yesterday. Many thanks for Ravi, Liam and Donovan who moved the seed to the pitch from the locker room on a 30 degree day.

The Tigers remove debris from the field during practices. Regularly we remove bottles, cans, papers and now we find masks on the field on a regular basis. We take pride in our playing surface and take good care of it for all to use.

Coach Swatzyna Rides Again

Spring 2022 is Schedule Filling Up

The Tigers are in 7s mode for the spring and plan to participate in several 7s tournaments to tune up for the conference 7s playoffs later this spring. Here is what we are looking at right now.

February 12 – UAB 7s Round Robin

March 26 – Auburn 7s Tournament (In Development)

April 23-24 – SCRC Conference Olympic Rugby tournament

April 16 – Bluff City 7s – Memphis

Still waiting to hear from MTSU who usually have a tournament. Keep an eye on the Tigers and please plan to come out on April 16 to our tournament at Memorial Field.


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