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Tigers @ Lindenwood – Logistics

The Tigers will travel to St. Charles, Missouri for a crack at Lindenwood “B”. The Lindenwood “A” side will be traveling as part of the post season playoffs and the Lindenwood “B” squad will be holding down the fort. Lindenwood is one of the top programs in the nation, having built a strong and deep side. The Tigers will have their hands full with Lindenwood “B” but are excited about the challenge. This will be a good test for the Tigers.

Pitch Location: Hunter Stadium – 209 S Kings Highway St. Charles, MO 63301

Kick-off : Scheduled for 2:00 pm – one match

Social: To follow at the pitch

UM Admitted to the SCRC

The University of Memphis Rugby Football Club (Memphis Rugby) was admitted to the Southeastern Collegiate Rugby Conference (SCRC) during a conference-wide meeting held on April 7, 2019.  The application for admission by Memphis Rugby was approved unanimously. 

SCRC Commissioner Martin Bradley contacted Memphis Rugby officers with the Conference decision late on Sunday night.

The SCRC was initially formed in 2010 to only include NCAA Southeastern Conference (SEC) teams but has recently decided to add teams from colleges and universities that are not affiliated with the SEC.  This decision was in part due to the fact that the SEC covers such a wide range of territory that it makes travel extremely difficult for participating teams. 

Currently, the SCRC includes the following 11 teams: Tennessee, Kentucky, South Carolina, Georgia, Auburn, Alabama, Kennesaw State, Middle Tennessee State University, Ole Miss, Mississippi State and now Memphis. 

Vanderbilt left the conference in 2018 due to competition challenges.  Florida left the conference in 2018 to participate in forming an All Florida collegiate conference.  LSU left the conference in 2014 due to travel challenges.  Missouri and Texas A&M have never been part of the conference.

The SCRC is divided into east and west divisions.  Exactly where Memphis will fit into the new divisions has not yet been established. 

Memphis was a participant in the South Independent Rugby Conference (SIRC) until the conference was disbanded in the Spring of 2019.   The SIRC was comprised of Florida teams and teams from Tennessee and Georgia.  The Florida teams left the conference to form an All Florida conference and the remaining teams split up.  Memphis remained independent for one year to consider their options and to grow the club. 

Memphis Rugby currently has no seniors on the side and the team is mainly comprised of freshmen.  “This is a big step for the Tigers,” stated Tiger head coach Swatzyna.  We’ll get to play teams geographically closer to us, and we believe we can be competitive with the teams in the SCRC as we continue to grow and develop.”

Memphis Rugby is very excited about this development and look forward to the challenge.

Memphis over Ole Miss – Spring 2019

The Memphis Tigers met Ole Miss on Saturday, April 6 for a series of three 7s matches. Rob Halcomb stood in the center for the day and did a wonderful job of letting the lads play.

In game 1, the Tigers were up 12-0 in the first half and then finished 31-0. In game 2, the Tigers were up 15 – 0 in the half and finished 29-5. In game 3, the Memphis were up 26-0 at the half and finished 40-7.

The Tigers could have scored more points but they failed to convert some easy chip shots. It took them a while but they settled on fullback Turk Wigley who consistently slotted the conversions in the 3rd match.

The scoring for the day went as follows: Brittin Roedel scored five tries, Jaylen Jackson with two tries, Grant Caldwell two tries and one conversion, Ethan Scott with two tries and one conversion, Turk Wigley with one try and eight conversions, Cris Valle-Castillo, Kameron Walker, Freddy Dillard and Eric Rivera all with one try.

The Tigers hosted Ole Miss at Newby’s and all had a great time.

Coach Swatzyna mused that they had only one practice on Thursday to get ready for 7s and that was in a gym due to the rain. “I was impressed with the athleticism of our lads and the way they ran for space,” said Coach Swatzyna. I’m glad with their development.

Backs coach Steve Shaw has been impressing his lads to look for the “open man” and to not get tackled with the ball. “I’m glad to see things beginning to click,” said Coach Shaw.

The Tigers finish the 2019 spring with a trip to Lindenwood where they will take on their “B” side. This may be the toughest test for the Tigers this spring. Lindenwood has one of the top teams in the nation and their “B” is right behind their “A” team in ball handling skills. Wish our lads well next week.

Ole Miss at Memphis – 4/6/2019 – Logistics

Memphis will host Ole Miss on Saturday (4/6/2019) for a round of 7s play starting at 1:00. Friends, family and fans are invited to enjoy the matches. Prior to the Ole Miss/Memphis match-up will be a high school match between Germantown and White Station which will start at 11:00.

Kickoff – 1:00

Pitch – Memorial Field – 451 Zach Curlin Street, Memphis

Referee: Rob Halcomb

Social: Newby’s Restaurant – 2:30

Tune-up match: Germantown vs. White Station – 11:00