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Tigers to Play Nash Bash 2019

The Tigers have Nash Bash on their schedule and invite all friends, family and fans to come support the Tigers in Nashville for one of the top tournaments this spring.

Nash Bash – Nashville, Tennessee March 23-24, 2019

Pitch Address – 2133 Lebanon Pike, Nashville, TN 37214

Tiger first match will be 11:30 on Saturday March 23

Tiger Hotel – Holiday Inn Express Nashville Airport – 1111 Airport Center Drive, Nashville, TN (Only a few rooms are left, so if you wish to stay with the Tigers, you need to call today.)

For information about Nash Bash, follow this link.

Memphis v. Ole Miss – Logistics

Memphis will host Ole Miss this Saturday February 23. The match will be at Memorial Field with a kickoff at 1:00

Time: 1:00

Location: Memorial Field – 451 Zach Curlin Street, Memphis

Referee: Eric Fleming

Trainer: TBD

Social: Newby’s Restaurant

Come on out, bring a lawn chair and watch the Tigers Roar!

Tigers Best Bullies!

The Memphis Tigers beat the Mississippi State Bulldogs in a great contest of rugby last Saturday at Memorial Field on the U of M campus in front of 120 happy fans.

The Tigers opened the scoring from a penalty kick by fly half Grant Caldwell at the 32 mid post at the 9:40 mark. The Tigers started off more quickly than they usually do. Unfortunately, the post kick let down gave the Bulldogs an opening and they made a long break to score under the posts at 15 minutes into the match.

#10 Grant Caldwell

Throughout the match the Tiger forwards provided plenty of clean ball for their backs from scrums and lineouts, robbing State several times in the process. Clearly the Tigers had the heavier and more capable pack.

Turk Wiggley filled in from fullback on a broken play to score in the corner at the 30 minute mark. Ten minutes later in injury time Turk worked with Ethan Scott to move the ball down the south sidelines to collect another score. He downed the ball between the posts making Grant’s conversion easier. The Tigers went into the locker room ahead 15 to 7 and feeling fairly confident.

#15 Turk Wiggly

Things became tougher in the second half with the defense of both teams shutting down the offenses. Yards were hard fought and it was not uncommon to see the defense gaining yards with each phase. Despite the hard defense, the tougher players found a way to break through. At the 5 minute mark in the second half, Captain and star hooker Musa Banat scored in the southwest corner to move the score to 20-7.

The Bulldog defense continued to make things hard on the Tigers and the Tigers defense kept the Bulldogs hemmed in. Every yard gained was very tough. Number 12, Cameron Massengill, from Miss State deserves honorable mention. He was very difficult to control, braking the Tiger line time after time. One time he made a solo 55 meter run through the tigers breaking 10 tackles in the process. Turk Wiggley finally took him to ground or he would have scored.

#12 Cameron Massengill – One tough player!

Tiger prop Jeremiah Russell got his hands on the ball 11 minutes into the second half and powered over 4 Bulldogs to add 5 more points for the Tigers.

#17 Jeremiah Russell

Jeremiah has a nose for the ball and once he gets started he is very hard to stop,” stated coach Swatzyna. ” We are the biggest team we have had in the past 7 years and Jeremiah is one of our bigger lads. With his ball handling skills, size and speed, he is the future of the Tigers. ”

Grant Caldwell – Top scorer for the day!

Grant picked up a try with a breakaway when the ball was quickly moved wide of the fatiguing defense. he converted the try to give the Tigers 34 points.

At the 35 the Tigers helped the Bulldog offense by committing 4 penalties in a row allowing the Bulldogs to start an attack at the Tiger 25. The Tigers fought hard but the Bulldogs powered over to score their second try of the game. The conversion was short.

The Tigers slotted the win with a final score of 34-12. They hosted State to burgers and Gatorade at Newby’s Restaurant, where the game was reviewed and friendships were made. The Tigers and State players have maintained a good relationship and this rivalry continues to be a pleasant one.

Scoring: Grant Caldwell 14 points, Turk Wiggly 10 points, Musa Banat 5 points, and Jeremiah Russell 5 points

Film highlights are available at the Tiger Youtube site.

The referee for the day was Storm Coach Josh Gardner who did an admirable job. Thanks Josh.

Photos by Stacy Scott. Thanks Stacy.


Debra invites all Tiger fans to enjoy the new Newbys on the Highland strip.  The renovation of Newbys makes the bar a fun place to visit.  The charm of the old Newbys remains but the facility is cleaner and nicer. Gotta check it out.

MTSU over the Tigers

MTSU beat the Memphis Tigers by one point in the final three minutes of the game on Saturday, February 9. The game was very exciting for the fans due to the lead changing hands several times during the match.

Memphis scored the first points in the match on a not releasing penalty by MTSU.  The 35 yard kick grazed the right post, but was good for 3. MTSU responded immediately the scoring with a try in the southwest corner but failed to convert.  30 minutes into the half, MTSU scored another try.  The tigers slotted their own try at the 34 minute and took a penalty kick at the 38th minute to go up 11 to 10 at the half.

The second half scoring was slower but the excitement was fabulous.  MTSU was chronically offside which led to a yellow.  As soon as he was back on the pitch, MTSU lost a player to yellow for a dangerous tackle.  Memphis took three more points on the penalty and went up 14-10.

Memphis lost a player to a yellow due to multiple players going over the ball.  Both teams were fighting hard to maintain control and to harden their defenses.  Late in the second half, MTSU scored in the corner to go up 15-14.

Coach Swatzyna

The Tigers attempted a rally, but lost possession on the MTSU 20 and the time ran out.

“We played everyone and I think the lads played great”, stated Coach Swatzyna.   “We are building a team and I wanted everyone in the game.”

The Tigers are a young team and are learning fast under the direction of Coach Swatzyna.

The Tigers invite you to attend the match against Mississippi State at 1:00 at Memorial Field (451 Zach Curlin Street) at the Memphis campus on Saturday February 16.

Debra invites all Tiger fans to enjoy the new Newbys on the Highland strip.  The renovation of Newbys makes the bar a fun place to visit.  The charm of the old Newbys remains but the facility is cleaner and nicer. Gotta check it out.



Tigers host MTSU

Updated 2/8/2019 4:17 pm

The Tigers will host MTSU Saturday 2/9/2019 in what plans to be a great match-up of two solid past SIRC teams.  MTSU has been tough for the Tigers to beat lately and we hope for great things in this outing under the leadership of Coach Swatzyna.  There is a planned high school match prior to the 1:00 kickoff.

Location: University of Memphis

Memorial Field – 451 Zach Curlin Street

Time: 1:00 pm

Referee:  Brad Cole

Trainer: Jennifer Boone